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portable water purifier
Water filter
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portable water purifier
It is a new unique device which have been designed by our company for everyday usage everywhere.
It is so simple in use but same time it is very practical thing. Use it when you are far from civilization by having only PET bottle.
portable water purifier

portable water purifier

portable water purifier *Reduces chlorine, endocrine inhibitors, ibuprofen, trace hydrocarbon, bacteria, viruses, cysts and natural organic material (NOM)
*Small particles of PAC are retained by electro adhesion, not mechanical retention or through the use of binder fibers or chemical additives
*Improves taste, odor, clarity and safety of potable water
*Small particle size produces rapid reaction with contaminants
*No adhesives used to retain the PAC
*Total PAC pore space available for reaction
*The carbon in Solomon Filter media is inherent to the active layer
*The media is laminated between two layers of spun bond polypropylene for strength and pleat support

*Personal Use:
Water bottles, backpacks and other personal hydration systems
  *Residential :
Tap, countertop, under sink, pitcher, refrigerator and gracity devices
  *Commercial & Industrial:
Soft drink, coffee, tea, water and ice machine
portable water purifier   water filter jugs   portable water purifier

*Our media is a 3-layer laminate
*Core is the active alumina filter media with spunbond laminate on outside
*Strength and pleat support
*Unique benefits: High flow, Low pressure drop and Submicron retention
portable water purifier

portable water purifier, water filter jugs

portable water purifier, water filter jugs

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